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Client Goals

The client had a few ideas about the logo that they definitely wanted to include. The company name is inspired by the element Vanadium on the periodic table of elements. The element has an atomic number of 23 and features a silver/grey color pallete. Ideally, he hoped we could use the 23 electrons that make up the atomic structure somewhere within the logo we created.

Work Flow

After researching about the element Vanadium and it's molecular breakdown, I provided him with a variety of logo options. We ultimately decided on a logo that mimics how an element would be laid out on the period table. Instead of the atmoic mass in the corner, we used the number 23 for the electronc count and 2011 for the date founded. The dark shade of grey used in the logo and branding material is similar to the color pallete of Vanadium and also gives off a more luxurious/New York City feel.

Final Thoughts

I was able to take the clients idea and apply it across all needed branding materials. He was very pleased that we were able to keep it inline with his original view for their marketing collateral.

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