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Client Goals

They wanted a unique and special engagement invite that they could really relate to. It should be something that has a personal meaning to them, and not just fancy text on a page. The goal was the avoid the common trends and look of engagement party invites.

Work Flow

After sitting down with them and hearing about the proposal story, I thought it would be best to begin with the location of the proposal. The first order of business was to familiarize with the subject and sketch out some ideas. With the obvious main focus being the Ferris Wheel, I drew up a few different ideas to get an idea on what they were expecting. Once we had settled in on a general look, I used Adobe Illustrator to create a night scene similar to what one would see from across the river. After a few more rounds of edits, I put them in touch with a printer and helped prepare the finals for press.

Final Thoughts

This project was one that came together very naturally. The dimly lit non-descript buildings in the front of the scene help the ferris wheel stand out even more, as if you were looking past them. As someone fascinated with the lights at night on buildings, I thought it'd be interesting to include little messages on them. The ring is a play on a billboard and the lights spelling out their names was a touch that they loved.

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